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Recommended Tools

The Ultimate Trading Machine, For The Visual Investor

• Live Streaming Data, All US Futures Exchanges • On-Chart Drag 'n Drop Order Placement • Options & Weekly Options Trading • Live DOM (Depth of Market) Trading • Fast Order Execution Buttons • Market Entry, Exit, And OCO (One Cancels Other) • Execute Orders With A Single Mouse Click • Simple, Yet Powerful Graphical User Interface $297

Start a Forex Account with as little as $1,000

• No Monthly Fees, (Free Live Streaming Data for Active Traders) • On-Chart Drag 'n Drop Order Placement • Live Trading of the Worldwide Forex Market • Fast Order Execution Buttons • Market Entry, Exit, And OCO (One Cancels Other) Orders With A Single Mouse Click • Simple, Yet Powerful Graphical User Interface $297

Scientifically Time Your Stocks, Futures & Forex Trades

If I knew of a Stock that rose in price, between two specific dates, almost every  single year, for the past 25 years, would you want to know which stock that was, and what those date are? YES? Well...that’s exactly what TradeMiner tells us!* • Over 50 years of historical data on many markets • Identifies recurring profitable seasonal cycles and trends* • Powerful technological breakthrough in historical data-mining • User definable score and ranking system to help identify the best opportunities • Neural Network, doesn’t only tell us which markets were profitable in the past, but also tells us the likelihood of the pattern recurring again this year. $197.00

Don’t Just Listen To The News, Profit From It!

Never Again Ask, “Why Did The Market Drop?” You’ll know, and you’ll also get vibes from the net that somethings cookin.  With NewsMiner You’ll Never Be Left In The DARK Again! • The fundamental nature of markets, such as  news, cycles, and trends drive the long- term price action of every market. • Technical tools, such as oscillating  indicators, patterns, Fibonacci, and Elliott  Wave formations drive the short-term  trends, and also provide trigger entry points  for our long- term trading positions. • NewsMiner is the key to identifying the  fundamental “news-worthy” reports, that  eventually create the long-term trends. $49.00
TradeFutures Ltd
*Risk Disclosure: Trading security futures contract may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose a substantial amount of money in a very short period of time. The amount you may lose is potentially unlimited and can exceed the amount you originally deposit with your broker. This is because futures’ trading is highly leveraged, with a relatively small amount of money used to establish a position in assets that have a much greater value. If you are uncomfortable with this level of risk, you should not trade security futures contracts. Copyright ©  All rights reserved : Trade Futures Ltd.


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